Our artisan business combines the hand labor with the precision of modern machines for joinery and it guarantees a high quality product in every aspect.


The wood used for the making of boards and crosses for icons is first quality and certified linden, a soft wood of a whitish pale pink, uniform and suitable for carving, marquetry, sculpture. The wood is well seasoned in a natural way for many months and finished in drying kiln to guarantee the stability.bilità.

The following steps are necessary for the preparation of the boards in linden:
– squaring of the panels to obtain, as much as possible, whole boards (industrial panels are not used);

– construction of large boards with comb joined panels, glued with a hydraulic press setting the core always in the same way according to the ancient rules (it ensures long life in time);

– planing and smoothing;
– milling of the boards on the reverse for the set of the wedges and carved in the front surface to create the cradle;

– preparation and insertion of the wedges (harder wood beech);

– hand smoothing and gleaning;
– painting with parasite-proof coating and anti-mould water varnish.


To the manufacturing of the wood we have added the fabrics and the gesso coating, only possible in a manual way and according to the traditional know-how, to produce boards and crosses ready for writing and gold-plating, with the dry technique as well as the lake technique.

For the dry technique the Bologna gesso and the Meudon gesso are mixed together with rabbit glue. For the lake technique, coating exclusively with Meudon gesso is done on request. The sanding of the gesso and the finishing are also handmade, with accuracy and elegance. Some small imperfections are features of manual work.

We produce the most various types of boards: rectangular, square, round, oval, with wings, with round arches, lowered arches or cusp.

The measures vary from 5×6 cm. to 2.30 m. width and 3.50 m. height. The crosses can also be various in shapes and measures and they can be provided with suspension hooks to be supported by a steel rope (for larger dimensions only).


The poplar used to produce the boards is seasoned and well dried, joined to hardwood panels, without comb joining. These boards are cheaper than those in linden. We produce boards in linden in every shape and measures, whereas the boards in poplar are only made in the standard measures of the catalogue.


Besides the normal production of boards, we are also specialized in requests for particular works, such as:
– Manufacturing of triptych and polyptych from a drawing in hardwood linden of various thickness (3-4-5 cm).

– Manufacturing of extra large crosses in hardwood linden of various thickness (3-4-5 cm) from a drawing with hooks suitable for suspension or with a base.

– Manufacturing of boards or crosses with raised aureole, smooth or carved, with rose window in relief, round, pyramidal and sliced studs.

– Processional two-faced crosses with internal wedge, inserted shaft and base.

– Boards with molded frames and boards for altars joined on the sides at 45°.

– Planning and manufacturing of big altarpiece in edged plywood with frame on the reverse with cradle or smooth, rectangular or with arches.

– Boards with gesso coating in the cradle and varnished frames.

– Royal doors for iconostasis and balustrade.

– Hand contour cut boards for multi-layer figures.

– Giant and solid easels to support big altarpieces during the painting.